The Romanian Society of Paleontologists awards 6 biennial honorific prizes, announced during the National Symposiums of Palaeontology. 
These awards are:

1. Ion Simionescu Award – for major achievements in Palaeozoology;
2. Emil Pop Award – for major achievements in Palaeobotany;
3. Dan Patrulius Award – for major achievements in Biostratigraphy;
4. Orest Mirăută Award – for major achievements in Palaeontology belonging to young (under 35) researchers;
5. Liviu Ionesi Award – for major achievements in palaeontology and stratigraphy applied in Regional Geology;
6. Theodor Neagu Award – for major achievements in Micropalaeontology.

Award conditions
These honorific prizes are awarded to RSP members with major contributions to the respective fields, achieved during the preceding 2-year time frame. Depending on the available financial possibilities of the RSP, these awards might be doubled by pecuniary prizes. 

The scientific contributions of the candidates must be represented either by books published at renowned publishing houses which are recognized by the national and international scientific community, or by first-authored (or corresponding authored) papers published in ISI journals with an impact factor larger than 2.

To apply for either one of these awards, the candidates, RSP members, must submit an application a containing:

1. The award application form– that has to be completed by a mentor (a recognized personality in the scientific community, with reputation in the domain of the award); the mentor does not need to be a RSP member.
2. The applicant’s Curriculum Vitae.
3. The publication(s) (in PDF and/or printed format) for which the award is requested.
The documents will be submitted via e-mail or regular mail to one of the designated RSP secretaries at least three months before the next General Assembly of the RSP. The secretary verifies the submitted application packages and forwards these to the RSP Award Committee for consideration. The RSP Award Committee is designated by the acting RSP board and censors. 
The decisions of the RSP Award Committee will be announced during the ordinary General Assembly meetings of the RSP.

Between 2017 and 2019, the RSP Secretary assigned with the proccessing of the RSP Awards documentation is Sergiu Loghin (

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